Adiposs completes the phase I clinical trial of ImageBAT™


Adiposs SA, a Swiss biotech company developing medical imaging products and technologies, announced the completion of the Phase I clinical trial of its flagship product, ImageBAT™.

Thirty healthy subjects were given single ascending doses of ImageBAT™. The product shows good tolerability and safety with no serious or severe adverse events observed. “The completion of the Phase I clinical trial is a major milestone for Adiposs”, said Dr Andrej Babic, CEO and co-founder.

“The levels of exposure to ImageBAT™ and pharmacokinetics were comparable in healthy subjects and our preclinical studies”, said Dr Hervé Porchet, Chief Medical Officer. “We are therefore confident that we will be able to observe activated brown fat in cancer patients in our Phase II clinical trial.”

Adiposs SA plans to run a Phase II clinical trial in patients with advanced lung cancer in Europe in 2024. “We are very excited at the perspective of using ImageBAT™ in cancer patients for the first time and making headway on our mission to improve the lives of cancer patients worldwide” added  Reinhard Stary, Chairman of the Board.

About the IBT-001 Phase I clinical trial

The Phase I clinical trial was a single-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, single ascending doses study to assess the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of ImageBAT™ in healthy subjects. The subjects were randomized to receive ImageBAT™ or the placebo. Standard computed tomography (CT) scans were acquired before and after administration of ImageBAT™.

About ImageBAT

ImageBAT™ is the first  product to allow non-invasive visualization and quantification of activated brown fat. Activated brown fat causes hypermetabolism, which is correlated to treatment failure in cancer patients. Upon approval, ImageBAT™ will allow early identification of patients who are likely to respond to cancer immunotherapy. It will be used as an add-on product to the standard oncology CT scan that cancer patients have to follow the course of their disease. It will allow better patient stratification and avoid patients suffering from sometimes serious adverse events with no benefits.

About Adiposs

Adiposs SA is a clinical-stage, “top 100” Swiss biotech startup developing medical imaging products and technologies. It is a spin off from the University of Geneva, incorporated in 2020. The Company is headquartered in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland.