Adiposs starts clinical development of its flagship product ImageBAT


Adiposs SA, a Geneva-based biotech company developing medical imaging products, has successfully launched its phase 1 clinical trial on August 10, with the dosing of the first human subjects with ImageBATTM, its first-in-class product for brown fat imaging.

Adiposs has initiated the clinical development of its flagship imaging product, ImageBATTM. The primary objective of the IBT001 phase 1 clinical trial is to evaluate the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics profile of ImageBATTM in healthy human subjects. The secondary objective is to assess the imaging parameters of ImageBAT and demonstrate its performance in imaging brown fat by computed tomography (CT) scan. The phase 1 escalation study is taking place near Budapest, Hungary. It will include up to 36 young, lean and healthy volunteers.

Andrej Babic, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder at Adiposs SA said: “Brown fat plays a central role in human metabolism and has a big impact on the prognosis and survival of cancer patients. However, there are no approved products to detect brown fat in patients today. Obtaining the authorisation by regulatory authorities for the administration of ImageBAT in human subjects demonstrates that Adiposs has an effective development strategy.

Nathalie Stransky-Heilkron, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder added: “ImageBAT demonstrated robust imaging performance in preclinical studies. Now, we look forward to seeing brown fat on a CT scan for the first time in humans.”

Pierre Morgon, Chairman of the Board of Directors concluded: “Reaching clinical development stage is a major milestone for Adiposs, the team has managed all pivotal activities very effectively and timely to reach this clinical phase. We are looking forward to demonstrating the added value that ImageBAT can bring to the management of patients with chronic conditions such as cancer.”

Adiposs SA plans to progress ImageBAT to a phase 2 clinical trial in cancer patients in 2023.

About Adiposs SA

Founded in 2020, Adiposs is a clinical-stage Swiss biotech company developing first-in-class medical imaging products and technologies. Adiposs’ mission and vision is to develop ImageBAT for 100+ million cancer patients worldwide, giving them a better chance to survive.

About ImageBATTM

ImageBATTM is a disruptive first-in-class medical imaging product for non-invasive detection of brown fat. ImageBATTM-enhanced medical scan is fast, pain-free and is designed to be available in every hospital worldwide.